Southern Cross Ministries

Southern Cross Ministries

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Helping You Find Your Way Back to Christ...

Find peace and serenity in your life with the help of Southern Cross Ministries. We provide an array of services to help and guide you as you grow your faith in Christ. Our ministry serves the South Texas Coastal Bend area.

Counseling Services. 

It’s never easy dealing with personal or family life challenges. There may be times when you can’t see the light or feel God’s presence, and sometimes you feel like giving up. This is why we’re dedicated to helping you move beyond these struggles. Call us today to schedule your personal appointment for a 100% confidential session.  We offer the following counseling services for you:

  • Marriage Counseling
  • Prayer Needs Counseling    
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling   

                                                      (We Bill According to Family Income’s Affordability.  $55 - $75 Hr.)         

Studio Production Services. 

Aside from being a Christian-based ministry, we own a Nashville Sound Cloud Recording Studio. We provide original songwriting and copyright services. In addition, we offer TV sermon taping and editing for Texas pastors in other cities.  We also offer custom music videos and business commercials edited for television distribution.  Ask us about national CMT video releases.  We have charted 2 Number 1 Gospel Singles and 8 TOP 10 Songs.  To view Video Production and Recording Studio videos, please visit the link below:

Become a TV Ministry Media Partner...

Receive a New Bible.  Ask for Offer #FB-01.

If you accepted Jesus as your personal Savior during one of our TV Sermon Broadcasts, this new Bible will help you receive and believe a new plan in your life as you begin your daily walk with Christ.  Our Ministry Media Partners make this FREE gift possible for you through their generous contributions.  Do you remember your first Bible?

Receive a Blue Cross Pendant.  Ask for Offer #CN-11.

If you gave donations worth $25 and above, you will receive this beautiful Blue Cross Pendant with a necklace to wear proudly, telling the world that you are a Christian Believer.

Please include your exact mailing address. You may also reach out to us via our direct email address listed on our contact page. Your donation amount for each Cross Necklace helps us to continue our TV ministry programming.

Remember that all ministry donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Southern Cross Ministries has proudly been a distinguished Texas-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization for more than 20 years.

Receive a Sermon DVD. 

Ask for Offer #DVD-01 to receive TV Sermon Broadcast #1, Ask for Offer #DVD-02 to receive TV Sermon #2, and so on.

We now offer complete DVD's, which arrive in professional packaging. You can give as a gift to a friend or family member to help them hear the Word of God through both Sermon and Song. Your donation of $15 for each DVD is greatly appreciated.

It is our sincere prayer that each Sermon DVD will bless you and your loved ones to lead a closer walk with our Lord and Savior. Together, let’s continue distributing the Word of God so that more and more people can join an eternity in Heaven with us. May God bless you for your ministry media partner donation.  Pass the DVD forward to a friend or family member......